Invited Speakers

Collin P. Bleak (University of St Andrews)
The beautiful simplicity of flawless vigorous groups (Abstract)

Igor Dolinka (University of Novi Sad)
The word problem for free idempotent generated semigroups:
An Italian symphony in IG(ℰ) major

Robert D. Gray (University of East Anglia)
Undecidability of the word problem for one-relator inverse monoids (Abstract)

Rostislav I. Grigorchuk (Texas A&M University)
Few approaches to use finite automata in group theory (1) (2) (Abstract)

Alexander E. Guterman (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Monotone maps for partial orders on matrix semigroups (Abstract)

Delaram Kahrobaei (University of York)
Interactions between Group Theory, Cyber Security, Artificial
Intelligence, and Quantum Computation

Mark Kambites (University of Manchester)
Tropical Representations of Plactic Monoids (Abstract)

Ines Klimann (Université Denis Diderot – Paris 7)
Groups generated by bireversible Mealy automata: a combinatorial explosion (Abstract)

Stuart W. Margolis (Bar Ilan University)
On the Wilson Monoid of a Pairwise Balanced Design

Primož Moravec (University of Ljubljana)
Gaps in probabilities of satisfying some commutator identities (Abstract)

Tatiana Nagnibeda (University of Geneva)
Automata in the study of surface groups (Abstract)

John Rhodes (University of California)
New horizons in finite semigroup theory, 2019 (Abstract)

Carlo Scoppola (University of L’Aquila)
On the notion of isoclinism among finite p-groups (Abstract)

Pedro V. Silva (University of Porto)
Local finiteness for Green’s relation in varieties of inverse semigroups
and completely regular semigroups

Maria B. Szendrei (University of Szeged)
F-inverse monoids as algebraic structures
in enriched signature

Enric Ventura Capell (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
The intersection problem in Fn × Zm (Abstract)

Mikhail V. Volkov (Ural Federal University)
Identities of Kauffman monoids: finite axiomatization and algorithms (Abstract)